Dantex Ultra-Band®

Dantex Ultra-Band®

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Dantex Ultra-Band®

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Dantex Ultra-Band®

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Ultra-Band® is a BBA HAPAS approved filling, sealing and overbanding material for cracks and joints. It provides a flexible, impermeable and extremely durable repair that will prolong the service life of non-porous bituminous and concrete surfaces. Cracks and joints are treated up to a width of 40mm and the overband seal can be applied up to a width of 200mm. Inlaid on airfield runways and taxiways it effectively prevents FOD issues.

Ultra-Band® is a unique, single component, hot- applied, polymer modified, resin-based compound incorporating a mixture of fillers and aggregates. It has superior crack filling and sealing properties along with very effective adhesion. Formulated to have excellent load bearing and anti-oxidationproperties, in its molten state the material flows and penetrates deep into cracks and joints setting to a resilient finish. A curing time of less than 30 minutes means minimal disruption to road and airfield users.


• Roads and Highways
• All Airfield Pavements
• Industrial Hardstandings
• Surface Car Parks


• BBA HAPAS approved
• Prevents foreign object damage (FOD)
• No waste
• Single step process
• No specialist equipment required
• Seals and covers defects around repair area
• High friction wearing surface
• Apply any time of year
• Prevents ingress of water and salts
• High performance


Weather Conditions: Installation shall only be carried out at a road surface temperature > 5°c.

Preparation of the Surface: The crack or joint and surrounding road surface must be dry or thoroughly dried using hot compressed air before and during the installation of the material. Any excavation in concrete must be primed with Crete-Prime. Allow the primed area to cure (approximately 15 minutes).


5.1 The material is applied in two stages. Bags of Ultra-Band® are melted down in agitated, dedicated mixers to an application temperature of 190°c ± 10°c and kept at this temperature for 20 minutes before using.

5.2 Ultra-Band® is then poured into the prepared recess by bucket and suitable screed box, to finish flush with the adjacent surface and allowed to set.

5.3 The second application of Ultra-Band® can be carried out at any time after the first application has cured and is applied at an application temperature of 190°c ± 10°c. It is applied evenly over the previous application by screed box between 50 – 200mm width as required.

5.4 Once cured, approximately 10 – 25 minutes dependent on ambient temperature, the work area should be swept and then re-opened to traffic.

Specific Gravity1.6 ± 0.2
Softening Point (R&B)95 ± 5°c (EN1427)
Flow Test 5hrs @ 60°c3mm max (EN13880-5)
Slump Test (Cone) 3hrs @ 70°c5% Max
Penetration Test @ 25°c4mm Max
Skid Resistance – Initial≥ 60
Skid Resistance – After Wheel Tracking @ 50°c≥ 50
Texture Depth – Initial:≥ 1.5
Texture Depth – After Wheel Tracking @ 50°c≥ 0.75
De-Icing FluidsResistant
Application Temp.190°c ± 10°c

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated suitable for storing flammable materials.
PACKAGING: Ultra-Band® B FLEX is available in 20kg low-melt bags.
SHELF LIFE: Shelf life is 2 years if stored in dry conditions away from direct sunlight and in original unopened packaging.


The Company warrants that the materials meet stated specifications at the time of dispatch from the factory. Techniques used for the preparation of the repair prior to application are beyond the Company’s control, as are the use and application of the materials. The Company shall not be responsible for improperly applied or misused materials. There shall be no other warranties expressed or implied.

Latest Revision – December 2021