Dantex Maxi-Crete® BR F20 & F40

Dantex Maxi-Crete® BR F20 & F40

Installation Method Statement PDF

Dantex Maxi-Crete® BR F20 & F40

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Dantex Maxi-Crete® BR F20 & F40

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Maxi-Crete® BR F20 and BR F40 is a BBA HAPAS approved material that uses a unique blend of resins, polymers, rubbers and bitumen formulated to repair cracks, spalls, holes, failed joints and most types of defects in asphalt and concrete pavements to depths in excess of 20mm.

Maxi-Crete® BR is black in colour making it highly suitable for all asphalt pavements but can also be used to repair concrete pavements when suitable coloured high PSV aggregate is used as a final surface coating.

Maxi-Crete® BR has been specially designed to extend and compress with the expansion and contraction of pavements therefore there is no need reform joints through the finished repair. Maxi-Crete®BR is approximately 20% more flexible than the standard Maxi-Crete® F40 and F20 formulation.

Due to the unique design blend, Maxi-Crete® BR produces an impervious, impact resistant, load bearing, highly flexible repair that, once installed, withstands vehicle traffic, aircraft movement and varying climatic conditions. Maxi-Crete® BR can accept vehicle and aircraft traffic within 60 minutes of application.


Prolongs the life of cracked pavements
Prevents the ingress of water and de-icing salts
Enhances ride quality
Simply heat and apply
Minimal traffic disruption
Flexible repair will not crack
Highly resistant to plastic flow and de-icing chemicals


Road and highways
All airfield pavements
Industrial hard standings
Surface car parks
• Asphalt and concrete surfaces


Weather Conditions: Installation of the material shall only be carried out on a surface temperature > -5ºc. Below freezing temperatures warrant extra care with preparation and when applying Dantex Crete Primer to the concrete surfaces.


5.1 A mixer with an agitator must be used.

5.2 Place the material carefully in the mixer. The material is heated and melted to the correct working temperature and must be kept mixing at this temperature for a minimum of 40 minutes prior to use. The molten material is then poured into the prepared repair section and levelled. The finished repair is left to cool and solidify prior to opening to traffic.

5.3 Prior to use the user must ensure that the Material Safety Data Sheet, BBA HAPAS certificate, Installation Method Statement and the Safe Systems of Work Sheets are read and followed, copies available upon request.

Dantex Crete Primer must be used with all Maxi-Crete® BR when used on concrete surfaces.

FormBlocks and Aggregate
Specific Gravity2.2 – 2.4 (approx.)
Softening Point95ºc (min) ASTM D36
Flow Test (5hrs @ 60ºc)3mm (max) ASTM D3407 / BS EN 13880-5
Slump Test (3hrs @ 70ºc)5% (max) BS3262 Part1
Extension Test 1mm per Min @ 25ºcASTM D5329
Newton Force650N (max)
Extension40% (min)
Compression Resistance 10mm / min @ 23ºc5500 Newton Load (min) @ 30% compression
Wheel Tracking @ 60ºc Specimen Depth 40mm1.1 mm / hour
Mm / Per Hour3.5mm / hour (max) (BS 598-110:98)
Mean Rut Depth2.2mm (max)
De-icing FluidsResistant
Minimum Application Temperature190ºc
Maximum Application Temperature220ºc

STORAGE: Store on pallets in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
PACKAGING: The material is packed in 20kg bags or 8kg blocks.
SHELF LIFE: 2 years – when stored in dry conditions and out of direct sunlight.


The company warrant that all materials meet stated specifications at the time of shipment. Techniques used for the preparation of the repair prior to use of the material are beyond our control, as are the use and application of the materials. The Company shall not be responsible for improperly applied or misused materials. There shall be no other warranties expressed or implied.

Latest Revision – December 2021